Fauna Survey 2015

The Balnarring Foreshore Parks and Reserves Committee of Management Inc. is happy to release the Fauna Assessment of Balnarring Beach Foreshore and Parks Reserve completed by Malcolm Legg to the public.

The comprehensive survey of vertebrate fauna was conducted over 12 months from December 2013 to November 2014 with emphasis on obtaining:

  • base line data on all vertebrate fauna species,
  • population densities of birds, amphibians, nocturnal fauna & feral species,
  • conducting FEIS assessments of Broad Vegetation Communities within the reserve,
  • results from the resident’s fauna census of nominated fauna species, and
  • listing recommendations to help manage the site in order to retain its biodiversity values into the future.

The Committee of Management has reviewed the report and its recommendations. We have decided upon (and budgeted for) a range of actions in response to the consultants recommendations and these are outlined in the Foreword. Each action relates to the corresponding recommendation in the Report.

We would like to thank Malcolm for his dedication over the year and the production of such a thorough report. It has made a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the reserves and will make a significant contribution to their ongoing management.

The Fauna assessment of Balnarring Foreshore Reserve, Final Report may be downloaded by clicking the link.


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