Philanthropy on the Foreshore

The Balnarring Beach Foreshore Committee of Management accepts that philanthropy is a positive way for interested persons or organisations to make contributions (financial or otherwise) to the Balnarring Beach Foreshore Parks and Reserves.

Philanthropy Policy (pdf file)


To provide opportunities for the public to make contributions to the Balnarring Beach Foreshore Parks and Reserve that are consistent with the Balnarring Beach Foreshore Parks and Reserve Management Plan and any other plans or policies made by the CoM.


A contribution (financial or otherwise) towards any asset, built structure, fixture or planting to be located, used or contributed to the Balnarring Beach Foreshore Parks and Reserve. This includes (but is not limited to) buildings, boardwalks, equipment, footpaths, memorials, plantings, seating, signage and tools.

Identification of opportunities for philanthropy:

The CoM shall identify opportunities for philanthropic support of their activities. Opportunities may also be suggested by other persons or community organisations. Opportunities shall be assessed by the CoM using the following criteria:

  • Consistency with the Coastal Management Plan and supporting policies and procedures.
  • Impact in relation to vegetation, fauna, birds, coastal processes and abutting landowners
  • Its location on the Reserve
  • The education or health benefits to the general community
  • Any adverse impacts on the current use of the public land or the safety of the public
  • The ongoing costs to the CoM in maintaining the opportunity
  • And lastly, where it relates to a person or organisation, the contribution or relationship that person or organisation has to the Foreshore

Opportunities for philanthropy:

Once the CoM has identified the opportunity these may be published on the website, in the newsletter or other media as it deems fit. People or community organisations may also make application for a philanthropic donation. These will be considered on their merit according to this policy.

Philanthropic opportunities will be on a cost recovery basis. Donors will cover the costs of purchasing and installing the infrastructure and plaque.

Recognition of Donors (or those memorialised by the donation):

Philanthropic donations may be recognised in two ways. This may be by a plaque attached to the donated items and/or by notation on the Balnarring Foreshore website.


Plaques may be attached to infrastructure (or at the base of trees in the case of plantings) that have been procured by philanthropic donations. The plaques will mention the name of the donor or, in the case of a memorial plaque, that of the memorialised person(s). The plaque may contain up to 50 additional characters. These additional words may be approved (or not) at the sole discretion of the CoM.

Plaques on plantings will be removed at the end of the life of the planting. Plaques affixed to furniture will be removed from built items after 10 years and returned to the donor (where they can be contacted) or disposed of. The donor will have the opportunity to renew the plaque for a further 10 years upon payment of the current cost for replacement of the infrastructure.

The CoM may identify other opportunities for recognition of people or organisations who have made significant contributions to the Foreshore. This may include naming rights and recognition of the contribution for a period to be determined by the CoM in each case.

Plaques that have been installed prior to this policy or without permission may be removed and returned to the person who applied the plaque (where they can be contacted) or disposed of.


Once a philanthropic opportunity is fully funded it shall be delivered in a timely manner and the donor recognised as outlined in the opportunity. The person(s) or organisations named on any plaque shall be noted on the Balnarring Foreshore website.


Current Foreshore Memorials

Annie’s Track 

This track is named in the memory of Anne Hitch (1954 – 2017).  Anne was a committee member and Treasurer of the Balnarring Beach Foreshore Committee of Management for over a decade.  She was also a volunteer with many other local community organisations.  Anne is remembered here for her contribution to the local community.





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